Kindle for PC beta

Ever wondered about the Amazon Kindle experience?  You’ve likely seen the commercials or see some of the buzz about it online.  It’s the industry leading e-book reader that Amazon debuted about eighteen months ago.  Amazon has just done something really cool to help head off the launch of the Barnes & Noble nook – it is the Kindle for PC beta.

Once you have downloaded and installed the beta, you can shop from the Kindle store and see how that might work if you had a Kindle.  I have to say that I am very impressed – and the amount of free literature is pretty astounding.  There are even newer titles for free, the top 100 seems to be full of them.  I just spent about 10 minutes looking through them and saw some by Patterson and Salvatore that I would like to read – for free.

If the Kindle beta for PC only gets folks to look at the Kindle library, the beta will likely be succesful.  It is hard to spend the time looking unless you have a reason to shop, and going to the Kindle store previously seemed pretty pointless.

Kudos to Amazon for continuing to innovate.


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