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2018 DL Younglife Triathlon Review

Each of the last three years I have competed in the Younglife Triathlon that takes place in August in Detroit Lakes. It is an amazing value at $60 with early registration for a fully featured and supported Olympic distance Tri. Each year they seem to tweak the formula just a bit to make it a better event, but for 2018 they made a couple of weird decisions that makes 2019 a make or break year for me.

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St. Croix Fat Cat Triathlon 2018

It went pretty well… we won?  🙂

You should definitely register here if you are down for a fun, hard morning where you get to paddle, run and then bike your way across a beautiful countryside!

Standing at the finish line

The results show that over 120 people participated, and I know that many have been coming back year after year to do it.  The gals behind us on the bus were talking and I overheard that a couple of them had come back from Texas specifically to do this race as it was now a tradition for them and their girlfriends.

Not having to fly in from Texas to race is a real advantage here, given that this is in Scandia anyone can drive from the Twin Cities metro and easily compete and enjoy the event.

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2017 Detroit Lakes Triathlon Retrospective


My overall goal was to finish in less than 2:50, which was a repeat of my goal from 2016 which I missed my just over three minutes.

The weather for the day was awesome.  Very calm, neutral wind and the temperature (61 degrees with a 3MPH wind out of the south, which happened to be back to the beach) was ideal for a high level of exertion.  By 9:50 at the start of the run it had only climbed to 66 degrees with a 4 MPH wind.

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