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Week 4 in the NFL, etc.

Whew, so many great games today and we haven’t even gotten to the best one – the Vikings vs. Packers.  🙂  I enjoyed seeing the end of the Pats vs. Ravens game and really enjoyed the entire game of Denver vs. Dallas.  Who would have thought the Broncos would look so legitimate heading into week five, and that Dallas would look so poor?

There is a pretty big bummer goin’ on right now, however.  ESPN fantasy football is broken due to login issues.  Very lame.  I want to see how my rookies did today and I am out of luck.  Pulling for Big Ben tonight as I sat Tom Brady to play him.  I hated doing it, but I figured that the Ravens defense would be a little more stingy.  I am looking forward to the Ravens vs. Patriots post season game, that should be pretty awesome.  Maybe I am wrong, but I believe the Ravens just lost home field advantage in that game and playing if Foxboro in January is huge…

It was a bummer that IA State had the field goal blocked.  So close to that first conference win, and now they are so far away…

Shout out to Dan Tonkin today, who finished his first marathon in literally five ticks under five minutes.  Kristin, the Mooneys and I supported him along the way at three stops but the mental fortitude required to accomplish running 26 miles is nothing short of amazing.

*UPDATE 10/06/2009*

The Vikings beating the Packers 30-23 was incredibly fun to watch.  Kristin watched the game with me, so that was pretty awesome too 🙂