Skillls & Strengths

Examples of areas of Technical Expertise:

VMware vSphere (vCenter, Lab Manager, ESX, ESXi)
MS Hyper-V (SCVMM, Self Service Portal)
Active Directory/LDAP (2008, 2003, upgrading from NT AD)
DNS (Windows, NameSurfer)
EMC Celerra (NFS, CIFS)
NetApp (NFS, CIFS)
Sun StorageTek (Fiber Channel)
Datacore Storage Virtualization
DFS/File Serving (2008 R2)


Feedback from trusted colleagues and supevisors inicates these strengths:

  • Technical Expertise that is constantly being brought up to date
  • Business Savvy – understanding budgeting cycles, the value of integrating business managers into critical decision making, etc.
  • Being an effective visionary that can not only gather support for  new project or idea but maitaining and action focus that makes these visions are a reality
  • A strong work ethic that shines during crisis or “crunch times”
  • Adaptability to change, whether it be organizational or technological
  • Quick learner with an ability to ingest a large amount of information and emerge with the most pertinent pieces of information
  • Organizational awareness – knowing who key stakeholders are and recognition of the inner workings of how work gets done

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