NATLAN: A LAN for casual gamers that provides entertainment, networking opportunities and camaraderie for attendees while providing development opportunities for LAN organizers and value to the gaming community at large.

Broken down, this means NATLAN shall:

  • Be a repeating event that is well organized and has a known duration, agenda and desired attendance level.
  • Welcome gamers of all skill levels into an environment that is accepting and helpful.
  • Facilitate playing cooperative & competitive computer/video games.
  • Facilitate and encourage meeting new fellow gamers and re-uniting of old friends.
  • Provide memorabilia (picture, videos, swag.)
  • Provide opportunity for interested parties to learn about technologies such as web hosting, dedicated/virtual servers and physical networking along with organization and communication skills.
  • Help introduce new gamers to the glory of LAN play, whether they be young, old or somewhere in between.
  • Use legitimate software.
  • Use a portion of its proceeds to do good in the world in a way that is consistent with the rest of the vision. Something like this:

Interested in participating?  My info is on my linked in profile, which is over there, on the right 🙂


Past LAN Parties:



SC2 2010

FARMLAN 2011 (Feb)



Upcoming LAN Parties:



$50 from NATLAN 2010

$50 from FARMLAN 2011

$77 from NATLAN 2012


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