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T-Shirt Contest

1) Buy or create a T-shirt or other wearable item (sweatshirt, jersey, etc.) that is funny/cool/original/etc.

2) Wear it to the LAN.

3) While at the LAN, paid attendees will vote for their favorite.

4) Winner gets a $20 Amazon gift card.


Dave B & Brad W. <– they somehow had the same shirt!

Brandon N.

Rick J.

Nat J. (winner)


There will be a raffle at NATLAN with about $250 worth of raffle prizes to be won.  Raffle tickets will be sold up through supper and the drawing will be held at ~9:30.  Must be present to win!

Tickets before noon are $1, after noon is $2.  Half of the proceeds will be given to the ChildsPlay charity, the rest will be put towards buying prizes for the next NATLAN.  Max two “main” prizes per person.

We sold ~96 Raffle Tickets, which was tremendous.  $50 will be donated to the Childs Play organization.


About 1/2 of the attendees won posters.

Chris K. : Pride, Prejudice & Zombies along with World War Z novels.

Dave B. :  Day by Day Armageddon novel.

Brandon T. :  Dawn of the Dead blu-ray.

Nat J. : Sean of the Dead blu-ray.

Bill W. : Night of the Living Dead DVD.

Brian B. : 2GB Patriot DDR2 Ram.

Sean F. 4GB Crucial Tracer DDR2 Ram.




6-12 – Show up, set up, game as possible.


6-7:30 – Setup

7:30-11 – Counter Strike: Source

11-11:30 – Team Fortress 2



9-11:  L4D/L4D2 Campaign Challenges/Setup Time

11-12: Lunch on your own, setup, Raffle ticket sales

12-2: Counter Strike Source (Maybe Gun Mod?)

2-3: Break, T-Shirt Voting, Raffle Ticket Sales

3-5: TF2

5-6:30: Supper, T-Shirt Results

6:30-9: L4D Survival Tourney/L4D Scavenge Mode Tourney

9-9:30: Raffle Awards/Break Time

9:30-12: Group Vote

12-???: Free Time/Go Home


9:30-12:  Some playing L4D2 Campaign, others setting up

12-1: Lunch

1-2:30: Counter Strike: Source

2:30-6: Team Fortress 2

6-6:30: Supper

6:30-10: Team Fortress 2

10-10:30: Raffle and Pictures

10:30-11:30 More Team Fortress 2/Half Hearted attempt to play organized L4D2

11:30-12:30: Cleaned up almost everything



9-11:30:  Pack Up/Game?

11:30-12: Make sure its all clean

12: It’s all shut down!


9:30-10:30: Finished tear down

Everyone was gone by 11!

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