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Windows Server 2000, where art thou?

Working with a couple Server 2000 boxes that just recently became VM’s the lack of RDP  just became a bigger hassle as the only way to access them is to use root in the VI client.  So, now I needed to setup Terminal Services on these boxes in administration mode.  Easy, right?  Until you realize that you need the CD/.iso to install it, that is.

So, I logged onto my handy Tech Net account and guess what?  You can download 3.11 with workgroups but not any flavor of 2000.  How great is that?

I looked through the local trove of Windows CD’s, no luck.  Searched on our admin file share, no luck.  Looked longingly at the dead HD that had my personal .iso collection on it.  And finally, a coworker scrounged one up out of their desk.  Way more trouble that it needed to be!  I’ll update the post with how my TS enabling goes…

It went just as described, but it takes a reboot to enable.  Dammit.  Going to schedule it now…

Hah – so if you read that documentation I linked to you’ll see that it relies on shutdown.exe – which happens to be part of the Windows Server 2000 Resource Kit.  Neither of which are available for download from Microsoft.  I pulled it from a 2003 server though and scheduled it up.  We’ll see what happens!