St. Thomas Course Work – Masters of Science in Technology Management

Top Five Class in the curriculumSummaries of these classes will be added soon…

Fall 2007

Strategic Quality Management

  • Top Five Class in the curriculum – stressed the importance of feedback loops in an organization and using a measurement framework like the Baldrige Award to strive for organizational excellence.

Supply Chain Synchronization

Spring 2008

Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime I

  • This class was broken into three discrete parts over the course of earning the degree and stressed Learning and Leading development.  It is an integral part of the School of Engineering curriculum in not only are graduates equipped with more technical skills but they also emerge as more self aware Leaders who know and have tools to pursue lifelong personal development.

Technology Risk Management

Summer 2008

Program, Project & Team Management

  • Top Five Class in the curriculum – discussed the importance of Scope, Schedule and Budget in management and how people are the greatest and most difficult asset to manage.  Many St. Thomas MBA students come over to the Engineering School as this class is perceived as much more valuable than the one offered there.

Fall 2008

Human Aspects of Technology Management

  • Top Five Class in the curriculum – covering motivational theories like goal setting and recognition along with organizational reward structures while stressing using a discerning eye towards “research” and anecdotal evidence.

Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

Spring 2009

Introduction to Systems Engineering

Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime II

Summer 2009

Systems Design

  • Top Five Class in the curriculum – from a Request For Proposal to a completed response, we worked through the Systems Engineering process to build and document an entire proposed system solution.  This rigorous class included Blue Team/Red Team proposal reviews and quite possibly the most time I have ever dedicated to a single class.

Great Books Seminar

  • Top Five Class in the curriculum – sequestered for a week of day long activities in Owatonna, this class covers work from Socrates to Jefferson to Dr. Marting Luther King Jr. in discovering the development and maturity of Western Culture and to think critically about concepts like freedom and independence and what that means at a personal and national level.

Fall 2009

Verification & Validation

Masterful Leaders & Leadership

Spring 2010

Analyzing and Anticipating Technology Change

Summer 2010

Managerial Accounting

Fall 2010

Leveraging Leadership for a Lifetime III

Technology Capstone Course

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