“Nat Juchems is one of those rare individuals who are capable of excelling in both technology and management. During my work experience with him I saw Nat expand the depth and breadth of his technical abilities with a confident and methodical approach that confirmed for all who worked with him that he was up to any task. His thoughtful processes and continued education in management have given him a business approach to design and implementation of technologies to satisfy customer requirements. This combination of technical knowledge and business sense assure him great success on any projects he leads.”

January 18, 2010

Jeff Lemaire, IS Analyst, Sr., BAE Systems IT
Managed Nat indirectly at BAE Systems IT


“Nat is a top-notch analyst with a great talent for understanding business requirements and knowing how to design technical solutions. He excels at learning and understanding current technology, particularly storage and virtualization, and how it can be implemented and supported smartly. Furthermore, in my time with Nat, I have come to respect his unique combination of technical and people skills. I highly recommend him.”

November 17, 2009

Ryan Anderson, Lead UNIX Administrator, BAE Systems
Worked directly with Nat at BAE Systems IT


“Nathanial has the uncanny ability to analyze a problem and come up with a couple of recommendations that not only take into account the technical components of the issue, but also provides a fiscally responsible solution for the business. Nathanial’s motives are always what is best for the business and the future path forward.” June 25, 2009

Benjamin Schmaus, Lead System Administrator, BAE Systems
Worked directly with Nat at BAE Systems IT


On what would be the ideal job to hire me for:

“Chief Technology Officer – it’s clear your technical knowledge is unmatched and you have a good sense about how to spend money wisely so it seems an easy fit.”
Matthew Olson
Enterprise Technology Services (ETS)
L&A West Regional Field Services Manager


On what would be the ideal job to hire me for:

“I would hire you as a lead for a small technology-based team where your technical prowess would be greatly utilized while you could motivate and set the strategy for the subordinate team members while being challenged with many new issues and experiences.”

Derek Mooney – IT Analyst – BAE Systems, Fridley MN


“There are three particular leadership attributes that I feel you have always had strength in and
that you continue to mature as you grow professionally:

You are able to work with individuals in the network to build a vision/future state, gain
consensus and put the initial pieces in place to move towards that state.

You clearly have a strong technical aptitude across a variety of areas from a strategy/
architecture/design (big picture) down to a detailed perspective – chiefly because you are able
to readily ramp up and learn new areas. This enables you to make good assessments of the
costs/benefits of different options, seek out the information you need (either from people or
research, although I think you often lean more towards the former) and then take action or put
forth recommendations/proposals.

You have a tendency towards moving needed decisions or actions forward at the outset.”

Eric Aska – Transformation Manager – BAE Systems, Fridly MN

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