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iPhone gets features I’ve never used on my BB

So, over at Dailytech (my once a day news resource) they have pointed out that the iPhone is getting support for Google Voice.   Reading through the article, it talks about how long Blackberries have had this support, even on AT&T.  I thought about that for a while… I have an AT&T Blackberry.  A nice, shiny, top of the line Bold which has wifi and the whole bit.  Could I not be using VOIP and Google Voice right now?

Well, I would try but Google Voice is currently invite only which is quite the bummer.  As soon as I either mooch an invite or they open it back up, I’ll be signing up and seeing how it works.

Oh yeah, I guess the iPhones can now send MMS’s despite the ape-like intelligence of iPhone owners.  Congrats.  I just sent my first one ever from my Blackberry to commemorate the occasion.  Again, congratulations.  I know you fought hard to get it.