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Mass Effect 2 Launched, crap…

I’ve been really enjoying Mass Effect, the only issue being the free time sink that the game is to play.  I’ve logged twenty two hours of play time so far, which is likely enough time to have blasted through the main campaign but I am the type of player who just cannot ignore the side missions.

The truth is that the game is truly epic and has a attention to detail that is second to none.  Realistically, the only issues I have had so far are around inventory management which is fairly awful even compared to Fallout 3 (no hotkey to open the inventory directly?  you have to open the inventory to switch weapons?) and just grotesque after having played a dungeon crawler like Torchlight where inventory management is a constant mini-game in of itself.

Evidently Mass Effect 2 fixed these issues, but I am pledging not to read about it until I finish the first one.  I am not going to buy the game until at least its first price cut anyway, but knowing that there is a better game out there I could be playing will crush my desire to finish this one.  After 22 hours, I need to have some closure.

If you play Mass Effect 2, please don’t tell me about it for a couple weeks 🙂


Mass Effect = Awesome

Mass Effect was received with critical acclaim some three years ago or so.  My sister, Liz, gave it to me for Christmas last year.  Knowing that it was an epic title that would take some time to complete I waited until Kristin was gone to start it.  Well, I started the game and played it twice.  The save system that shows that in the two times that I have played it, I have dedicated 16 hours of time.  Most games would already be done, I am maybe a third of the way done.

If you played and enjoyed Knights of the Old Republic, this is your game.  Same game mechanics, huge universe and a great story so far.

It also happens to be $10 on Steam this weekend.  You should pick it up, that way we can commiserate over the time we spent on it 😉