Mass Effect = Awesome

Mass Effect was received with critical acclaim some three years ago or so.  My sister, Liz, gave it to me for Christmas last year.  Knowing that it was an epic title that would take some time to complete I waited until Kristin was gone to start it.  Well, I started the game and played it twice.  The save system that shows that in the two times that I have played it, I have dedicated 16 hours of time.  Most games would already be done, I am maybe a third of the way done.

If you played and enjoyed Knights of the Old Republic, this is your game.  Same game mechanics, huge universe and a great story so far.

It also happens to be $10 on Steam this weekend.  You should pick it up, that way we can commiserate over the time we spent on it 😉


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  1. Dave

    A blog from Iowa about Mass Effect

    Mass Effect was received with critical acclaim some three years ago, and about two weeks ago was given critical acclaim on the TeamJuchems blog by Nat. That is why I felt it necessary to write my own blog about the game. However I did not want to start my own blog, so I figured I would just leave a reply here.

    Nat kept talking up Mass Effect and how it “=” awesome. To the point where I figured for $10 why not. Well after I downloaded the game and had it fully updated and installed I was like, wow I finally get to play Nats game of the year, that is three year old or so. I double click and nothing, the thing won’t load at all. So I check online and try some things to no avail.

    Finally this morning I check some stuff again and have found a fix that seems to work for me. So if you are suffering from this game not working, after getting the advice from nat to download it, and are running Windows 7, again Nats advice, here is the fix. First, try to run it is windows XP service pack 2 compatibility mode, still a no go? I thought so. Next Right click on the desktop icon and run it as an admin, still nothing? I expected that. Finally close out steam, and run that as an admin (note it wont “like” this), after that click on Mass Effect again, and it should work.


  2. Nat Post author

    Well, I hope after all of that it is good! I have the non-steam version, and that seems to work without issue.

    Good to know about the work around. I wonder if this will actually get crawled by Google?

    Yes, I know it is old. Hence the cheapness :-p

    Glad you figured out a way to make it work. I assume many people had this issue?


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