Daily Archives: November 4, 2009

Sometimes, bigger is better

Craigslist hunting can be a pretty rewarding sport.  Since Kristin is gone and the work situation being what it is, I’ve had a little more stress and a little bit more bored time on my hands.  Those who know me well know how I react to this type of situation: I shop.  Craiglist and the Anandtech forums are both likely places to buy things as deals can be had and there are many different items to peruse and then devise rational for having them.

I’ve never liked the passive subwoofer that the Onkyo home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB) system we have upstairs uses.  Bass should be felt and heard to be experienced and this lil’ guy is woefully inadequate.  Hence, I decided to find a good deal on a used powered subwoofer.  I found a 12″ Mitsubishi sub for $50.  I wasn’t able to find a lot of info on it online because it came out in 1997 or so, other than the fact it was part of a reasonably high end component system.  I was surprised when the lady tried to get it out of the back of her Accord, it was huge!

12" Mitsubishi vs 12" Parts Express Subwoofer

12" Mitsubishi vs 12" Parts Express Subwoofer

The sound is huge too.  While the parts express sub seemed to find the resonant frequency of everything pretty well, the Mitsu shakes the seats.  In order to test the sub I watched the Matrix lobby scene.  Then I ended up watching the rest of the movie.  Great sub.

I’d forgotten how awesome the first Matrix movie was…