It happened, and I thought it was pretty awesome 🙂

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken.  Doh.

Please leave me some comments if you have any feedback.

Looking at the first weekend of April for the full up NATLAN 2010.  We’ll be looking to get a full 24 people for what is likely to be some great Team Fortress 2 action.  What do you all think about that?  T-shirts and the whole bit 🙂


7 thoughts on “NATLAN2009.5

  1. Dan

    Awaiting moderation??? What happened to free speech??

    Heh, it’s TeamJuchems, not TeamJuchemsTonkin 😉

  2. Ryan Graf

    Had a great time! TF2 was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting Nat – definitely looking forward to the next one.

  3. Nat Post author

    lol. I have almost twice as many spam comments as real ones. You should be able to post directly now if you put in an email address. Once I have approved a comment from that email address, they’ll be automatically approved in the future.

  4. Dave

    Good time once again, I’m thinking turned based civil war game for the next lan party….just throwing it out there because multiple people were talking about it.

  5. Mooney

    I had a really good time! TF2 was pretty sweet and L4D was just as good as last time. Starcraft 2 in April??? Think everything worked out pretty good for the .5 domestic LAN. Maybe one more table for food/snacks and keep henk away from Natascha. 😉

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