Drink this, not that.

Click for the real article.

Click for the real article.

From time to time, I’ve read seen the “eat this, not that” blurbs and they tend to be fairly informative.  Who knew that you should pick a Big-Mac hands down over a Whopper?  This “20 Worst Drinks” is all about sugar content, not so much about fat or calories, but they are mentioned.  There are some beverages out there that no healthy human being should consume, moderation or not.   For me, the visual comparison to junk foods is pretty convincing.

Some of the points might be a bit mis-leading, as they are all the uber-jumbo size if available.  Also, its worth noting the food comparisons are only on sugar content, I am willing to bet that a Moo-latte is indeed better for you than a dozen Krispy-Kreme donuts or whatever… maybe.

Moral of the story: Stay away from “regular” pop, some “health” drinks are just the opposite so read the label,  and when you must indulge go for the small size.

I suppose the *real* moral of the story is that you should just drink water.  That’s pretty boring though, isn’t it?


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