Barnes & Noble Book Club – how many people is this really good for?

I went to Barnes & Noble over lunch with Mooney to order up some books for my Masterful Leadership class;  look for my thoughts on these books in some upcoming posts.  They will probably be pretty good, the professor evidently loves them and he seems like a pretty awesome guy.

What I didn’t realize was that since my order was over $25 (none of my books were in stock, of course) that shipping was free to my house and I would likely get the books sooner because there wouldn’t be the business of receiving them and notification to go through at the store.  That was a pretty nice surprise.

When I took my receipt up front to pay for the books, of course they asked me if I wanted to become a member as I would save a whopping $10 on this purchase. Mildly interested, I remembered turning this down before so I asked if there were any charges to join. $25 per year was the response from the perky cashier. Given I don’t buy books very often, I declined. They must make money on most people who join, why else would they even have the club? It just becomes mildly annoying when they ask about it every time you buy something. I suppose it is just part of their job…


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