Daily Archives: September 20, 2009

Vikings Win, 10-6 on the PickEm, Cyclones Win

It’s going to be a better week as the Vikings won, what is really pretty crazy is that the Vikings appear to be a second half team this year as  both of their wins have come out of second half rallies.  Admittedly, both of the teams were pretty awful.  The Browns got blown out by Denver this week, Detroit is Detroit.  We’ll see how they fare against San Francisco next week, another team that is also 2-0.  At least it will be a home game, with the winning record it shouldn’t be blacked out.

PickEm was rougher as expected, especially as I lost big points on the Patriots, not too mention the failure of starting Brady in one of my fantasy leagues.  Philip Rivers turned out to be a good start in my other league, and holy crap Frank Gore.  You and Adrian Peterson single-handedly filled out my skilled positions score…

Yesterday was the day the Cyclones broke their record-setting 18 away game losing streak at Kent State.  I have to believe they paid Kent State even more than other years so they could play them on the road.  Ah well, a win is a win even though it apparent they still have issues at the QB position.  Kristin and I are looking forward to traveling to Ames and seeing the Cyclones handle Army.  They should handle Army, anyway.  They should be able to beat Colorado and with any luck surprise a Big 12 school at home.  Four or five wins coming off a year in which they one two games.

I should note that I am using the “Clone Zone” streaming audio to enjoy the games.  Wish it was free, but at the same time it is pretty amazing that it all works.  A decade ago, I would have been simply out of luck.  I wish I could buy the games singly instead of signing up for a subscription.  Its the kind of thing that I will remember the day after I get charged for another month…  I’ll keep it for the whole season if they can stay in games.  The Iowa game was embarrassing to listen to.


Pro Football 2009, Week 2

Today should be a pretty exciting day for Vikings fans with the team on the road to Detroit. If Detroits defensive performance against New Orleans (Drew Brees threw for *six* touchdowns) is any indication, the Vikings should be able to roll over them. Will that happen? Unlikely, the Vikings always seem to play to the same level as Detroit. Let’s just hope they win, that’s what has to happen…

My Yahoo! Pro Football Pick ’em is bound to get worse this week, as I had a perfect set of picks last week. Pulling for the Browns, Cardinals, and the 49er’s as upsets this week, I think.

Which reminds me, I need to go tweak another fantasy league – get Percy Harvin up into my starting lineup…