Laminate flooring is down, but not done…

Kristin and I made it to the last row of flooring right now, where we unfortunately ended up about half an inch long.   This means we have to take 1/2″ off about 6′ worth of flooring.  Luckily, D. Meier has a table saw we can use for this.  With any luck, that will make this adjustment rather trivial.

From there we need to work on the threshold and that is going to take some special massaging. The little pieces of wood that are on the interior of the door frame that help the door seal up are too close to the floor on the one side.  We’ll see what I can get done with the dremel, hopefully it is rather painless.  I have no idea how we would go about taking that wood off so that we could cut it in  a more traditional manner.

At least we are a lot closer now than we were Saturday afternoon.  Another plus was the acquisition of a power miter which should prove to be handy in the future…


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