Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

A realization…

During my time at St. Thomas, it has seemed at times that I have been “picked on.” This mainly consists of being held to seemingly higher standard for input than other students and being pushed back upon when turning in assignments. Now, I am aware that I may have some paranoia around how others perceive my performance so I have just written it off based on that up to this point. In a couple of my classes, however, even the other students remarked on it and I started thinking that there might just be something to this perception.

Last night I stayed a bit after class to discuss my final presentation that I had just given with the professor and we got off subject a bit to where he revealed that I am known as one of the “kids” in the program. Going on to explain further, this is not because of my age, which is somewhat unique, but rather that I come to these classes ready to learn and get value. “Bright-eyed” was the defnition, I believe. This is the same professor who last week pulled me aside and gave me some tips on presenting better. At the time, I took it as simple criticism.

Reflecting on this, I think that the professors and adjuncts of my classes have pushed me harder and given me more feedback is that they believe that it is a good investment of their effort. Rather than feeling picked upon, I should be greatful that I am getting more attention and bang for my buck, so to speak, than my peers.

In the moment it is hard to appreciate, though. I have to work better at not reading every criticism as negative.