Washing the car…

Well, as much as I like to avoid it, I washed the car by hand tonight.  It was getting pretty bad looking, parking under trees on the street by Liz’s place and then again yesterday at the park and ride it was clear that birds were offended by the shiny blackness.  I fired up the trusty fifteen year old Altec Lansing speakers that sound 10x better than what I use at my desk and spent $40 on last year and went to work.

  1. Spray car off with power-washer.
  2. Take the cleaning mitt and soapy water, and clean one quarter of the car at a time.
  3. After washing each quarter and when it is all done, spray it down with the power washer.
  4. Wipe dry with micro fiber cloth.  Make sure to stand around so that the neighbors think you are obsessing.

To my surprise, the car actually got pretty clean.  The Mustang was always so horrible that it was pretty discouraging to even try.  That yellow just attracted flies and fly-spots at rate that was impossible to keep up with.  Of course Dad keeps that guy pretty clean these days, but he’s has always been better about vehicle maintenance than I have.

It wasn’t traumatizing, so I guess I should do it a bit more frequently.  Black is a horrible color to keep clean, but it looks nice in the garage right now 🙂


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  1. Rick

    It wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Now you can do the CR-V and have two shiny cars. We started on the wood pile today and got about 2/3 of the way through it and ran out of gas for the chain saws. Matt used the little one and I used the big one onj the large logs. We were splitting the chuncks with the 2640 when the hydrolic valve gave out so I guess it will have to make another trip to Waverly. The 7110 worked better anyway. Take care. Love, Dad

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