Fear of Technology

I think it is pretty interesting, sitting in my graduate classes in which we have readings about how technology fears in the past came to nothing, people right now are chatting about the evils of new technologies.

For instance, it was once thought that reading too much stressed the brain and “learning too much” could lead to insanity and infirmity of the mind.  A few generations later, there was fear about how radio was cheating those used to reading, that the value of information passed on by the radio was inherently less valuable than what you learned from reading.  A generation later, TV was corrupting “family radio” time… now no one seems to be bemoaning the impact of the Internet, texting, etc. on our TV consumption, but the current fear is how constant stimulation from ipods, Facebook, etc. is corrupting the current generation.

Let’s face it – history says we’ll likely be OK.  This sharing of information and shrinkage of the world is part of the human evolution…  we should be responsible enough to recognize the symptoms of addiction in those around us and step up to the challenge of being a good friend for family member, but that again is nothing new.    Studies have shown that while things might be changing, it likely isn’t for the worse.  If it can be argued that not all change is good, then it follows that not all change is bad.  There are several studies out there showing that while TV does in fact have some negative impacts, computer is largely positive.  Exercise your brain and find them yourself!

Welcome to the digital age.

Hey, put down your phone, I’m talking to you!  🙂


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