Happy new year – go ‘Clones!

That was a pretty uninspiring win, but I think the ISU Cyclones will get them however they can take them.  They looked good for about five minutes of the game, but that was enough to put the inept Gophers behind by one too many points.

As we head into 2010, its amazing to look back on how much has changed.  New jobs, new schedules, new classes.  What is great is how much has stayed the same – great family, gracious friends and wife who loves me despite my numerous and likely very annoying shortcomings.

Here is to 2010;  happier work situations, watching more movies, reading more books, creating a more complex home network and playing some more video games while magically becoming more physically fit.  Beyond and above that, enjoying life and marriage!

It is going to be a great year 🙂


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