Creative Gigaworks S700, RIP

It was a sad day yesterday when I realized that my amp had perished on my prized set of PC speakers.  The Creative Gigaworks was a primo set from 2005, boasting 560 watts RMS of power (probably not really…), 5.1 sound with very solid 8″ subwoofer and remote control to accompany its THX certification.  They were very nice, and they were also $350+.

Perhaps the sad thing is that I should be happy they lasted so long, threads like this one are easy to find with google.  There is evidently a 105 page thread about the failures of these units on Creative’s support forums.  Evidently the glue they pasted over the internal wiring of the amp/subwoofer turned out to be conductive.  Smart.

With that, I am writing off Creative’s speaker offerings.  Their sound cards and portable media players have already turned me off, I guess this is the last straw.  When you buy the most expensive set of speakers currently available, you expect them to last a decade or more.   Like the beige plastic Altec Lansings that I have been kicking around for years…


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