Wall Mounting the Dell 23″

I finally got around to mounting the LCD in the workout area to the wall.  This meant that I could move the center channel speaker back onto the shelf where it belonged, starting the transition away from the current layout that includes the glorious old 21″ Sony Trinitron that I bought in 2003 for the princely sum of ~$562.  Free shipping, of course.  Which was important, give its packaged weight rating of 80lbs.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at a gallery like this WordPress.  I think it turned out pretty good, actually.


3 thoughts on “Wall Mounting the Dell 23″

  1. Nick

    you can’t get rid of that trinitron… you said you would keep it forever. i remember that monitor filling your entire desk…

    i recently picked up the dell 2409 for 170. not a lot of features, but great picture for a very modest price.

  2. Nat Post author

    Hah! I hauled that thing to all those LAN parties, up and down at Grossman… I probably should keep it forever. It still works great. It’s just huge and not that useful anymore. It also heated the crap out of my bedroom back on the farm…

    Good pick up on the Dell. Still some of the best LCDs you can reasonably buy, in my opinion.

    I see you picked up MW2 through Steam. Playing that on the Mac? 🙂

  3. Nick

    yea, MW2 was certainly a weakness purchase… I should have never walked in BB that day. But, it’s had terrible reviews 1star mostly from customers, with boycotts from no dedicated servers and such. I’ve had fun playing it. I really should stop until later in December, it’s ridiculous. the online gameplay is surprisingly good, yea they limit the number of players, but that’s no big big deal. I think it’s more challenging. Graphics and maps are awesome. profiles saved online, and lag was not bad. every now and then it’s glicthy, but i think it was with servers as well. probably on user end. if the host drops, it adjusts in maybe 10 seconds paused. i’ve been playing it on my desktop, i have that phenom build from a couple years ago that plays it well. I don’t even know what i have anymore, i don’t pay attn.

    I like Windows 7 as well. nice to still be in school and get all this software. someday i plan on getting a job, but for now. i really have no business playing games at the current time, but i couldn’t help myself. it’s fun. you should get it and we can play in a clan or party or whatever they call it. i’ve been meaning to get a hold of sean but i haven’t been in town many weekends. we’ll all have to catch up sometime.

    and it’s strange i can across this rss a few weeks ago. it’s fun. i check WSJ online, then apple news, occasionally slickdeals, then teamjuchems… good routine

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