Messing with Widgets, installing WSUS

Do you see that cool looking “Linkedin” badge over there?  Yeah, well, when I added it all of my widgets were reset in WordPress.  What’s a widget, you ask?  A widget is what you see over there as the archives, calendar, meta, etc.  All gone!  Hopefully it is close to how it was but that was quite annoying.  I thought it was going to be a straight up plugin like the google analytics thing and add it at the bottom of the page or something.  Glad it was easy to resolve.

Since I took the trouble, go check out my Linked in profile and write a recommendation for me if you have a few minutes 😉

Another challenge I took up today was configuring WSUS for the local network here.  I am tired of constantly getting prompted to install updates!  I plan on scheduling a once a month forced push and reboot so that I don’t have to deal with that annoyance anymore.  It should also speed up bringing newbuilds (especially XP) online.  This has so far led to me to the fact that my DNS is still pretty much half baked and to really get it done right I need to setup DHCP on a server and stop trusting my router.  The cool gigabit wireless-n router doesn’t allow for any DHCP configuration.  I really need to make sure I can flip it all the way into bridged mode…  I’ll be sharing more about the WSUS adventure as I have it.  Right now the server 2008 R2 VM I setup to host it is tanking the WAN and itself trying to build down what I can only guess is several gigs of updates and service packs.


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