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The Role of a 2 Year Technical Degree in the U.S.

Dear blog readers, I need your input.  In my capstone class, a partner and I have to answer this question:

What should be the role of 2-year technical education in the U.S.?  What should be done to increase its effectiveness?

What are your thoughts or opinions?  We need to be able to talk for ten minutes (TED style) and then lead a ~50 minute discussion on the topic.  Some angles we have thought of are: are technical degrees looked down upon by those who have more education?  Are teachers paid/rewarded enough so that quality teachers are attracted to this area?

Personally, I think that these type of degrees can be quite valuable and should perhaps be the minimum we expect of our next generation-in-progress.  Just graduating from High School (even though so many don’t!) isn’t enough for those born and raised here in the U.S. who have the ability to learn at that level. 

Please feel free to email me your thoughts, even if they are just bullet points, or post them in the comment section below.

Thanks in advance 🙂