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Team Juchems is growing!

After careful consideration, Team Juchems has decided that expansion is the next logical step towards world domination.

Kristin and I are pregnant 🙂 That’s the right way to say it, I think, but I have come to accept that I am and will be wrong about a great many things. So it’s possible I botched it 😉

At the predicted recruitment rate we’ll have our first Team Juchems initiate in early June. Frankly, it is still a little bit unreal. From what I have been told, as the non-childbearing one this will likely hold true until the baby is actually born. At that point I have been assured “everything will change” which may or may not mean that I will grow gills and have to breathe underwater.

The baby room is painted, we are working to get that room further into shape tonight and are optimistic about the future. We’ll learn much more during the 70 minute ultrasound coming in January.

Overall, life is very good right about now 🙂