EveryDNS is going down….

Since EveryDNS, the nice, free DNS hosting site was sold out to a company that now wants some $20 per year (!) for DNS hosting I had to find a new home – back to xname.org I went. Surprisingly, my cedarvalleycomputing.com domain was still alive there. I wiped that, uploaded my teamjuchems info and killed off my EveryDNS registration. I have updated GoDaddy and such, but if you don’t have the site in your DNS cache you may experience an outage.

I am just hoping it works later tonight and I don’t have to waste more time mucking with it.


1 thought on “EveryDNS is going down….

  1. Nat

    Holy crap, that was a ride I wasn’t ready for. Who knew DNS was so complicated? (It’s not, I am just a bit thick sometimes and it took several/many hours before a change on my DNS Zone at xname actually went live…)

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