Certainteed Shingles Suck

So, yeah, this is a widespread thing.

Basically, we’ve got 25 year shingles failing after about 10 – out and out failing.


We’ve filed for our share of the class action lawsuit, the shingles, pictures and supporting documentation should be on their doorstep tomorrow.  Let’s hope it all goes smoothly!


2 thoughts on “Certainteed Shingles Suck

  1. Dave

    Same here, filed a claim in April of this year. They denied our claim in August. Said the warranty on the shingles was not transferred correctly. My wifes parents put the roof on, and now are both deceased. how are they supposed to transfer the warranty. We still own the house. Contacted Steve LaDuca, who is a godsend, he’s been working with us to try to solve the CertainTeed code. Don’t give up , keep the pressure on these Un american Greed Mongers….

  2. Jeff

    I have 50 yr presidential on my house and it failed totally.. it came delaminated and the adhesive strip failed..when certainteed sent out the roof tech to look at the roof. he was on the roof for 5 minutes and came down. In his words..” this is the most failure i’ve ever seen on one roof”.. he then asked how old my roof was… when i told him 12 yrs. his quick comeback was “oh.. too bad you didn’t report this two years ago.. we would of covered it 100% but he did say that i wouldn’t have to fill out a claim.. that he would take care of everything.. one week later i had to call him and remind him who i was.. he then told me to go ahead and fill out a claim.. to make a looong story short it’s a constant battle where they say they will get back to you and they don’t.. from the certainteed Rep. to the roof tech. to the gal in the claims dept. i can’t believe a company like this can stay alive… i surely wouldn’t recommend this brand but if you have in on you house make sure you have it check by a roofer before warranty expires.. and DO NOT get the 50 year presidential.. it only has a 10 yr. warranty…. hmmm a 50 yr roof thats only wauranteed for 10 years… wow..

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