To the people who stole our Chase Visa Information

I hope you ordered that $500 worth stuff from NewEgg shipped to your house.  That charge from USPS?  Glad that got denied, guess you’ll have to try another card to ship your crap.

Now I get to hope my scheduled payment happens because I can no longer see my credit card info online.  The auto-payment for T-Mobile, Comcast and other accounts now needs to be changed.  What a waste of my time.

At least it was a credit card and not a debit card…



4 thoughts on “To the people who stole our Chase Visa Information

  1. Riley

    That sucks Nat! Like you said… It is a good thing it was a credit card and not your debit card. Melinda’s dad got his debit card stolen once and got cleaned out. Luckily, it wasn’t his primary account. He only uses credit cards now for pucrchases where he can’t or shouldn’t use cash. Other than this, hope all is going well in your life. Have you felt baby Juchems kick yet? Isnt it awesome!! Take care man!

  2. Nat Post author

    Riley » Definitely!

    Heck, we can see Baby Juchems move in there! It’s like a special effect from an Alien movie 🙂 How about your little lady?

  3. Riley

    Melinda is doing really good. Minus the occasional heartburn, she hasn’t really been sick. Hopefully Kristin is doing well. So how is daddy holding up? Is the baby room prepped and all that? We’ve been stocking up on diapers. You may want to check out Amazon moms. Pretty good deals! Take care and good luck!

  4. Bunce

    Bank of America gave my info to a third party and sent me a letter and new card in the mail. That was a pain but I did learn they transfered some of my autopayment accounts over that I was hoping to get canceled o-well.

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