Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

Posting to the blog…

There are interesting enough things to post to the blog – but I am running dry on something… I can’t say its motivation or ambition that is in short supply… just some sort of doldrums. What I want to write about just doesn’t seem that interesting to me, its just easier and safer to keep reading content from the internet and defer creating any. Frankly, I am afraid of boring y’all so badly that you won’t come back. What do you mean that you get tired of reading how great I can rush void rays in Star Craft 2? 🙂

I think what tends to be really frustrating is that I feel like there are so many things in life I would like to be spending time on, and here I am grinding out hours of my life behind a desk doing work I am pretty “meh” on. Thankfully, my masters program includes a portion that helps throughout the course of the program to give direction on this matter. What is clear is that it takes some fumbling around to hit your stride and even then that is likely to be a temporary fix. Every astronaut gets grounded and all that jazz.

Perhaps being a professional blogger is not my calling either, but I do enjoy writing and I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read these words. Don’t worry, I track you through Google Analytics (by geographic region, not by name or anything…)

Faithful reader, thank you 🙂


That said, look at some of the quality spam a blog collects:

“Hello there, This kind of web web-site is genuinely exciting and satisfaction to examine. I’m a huge admirer from the topics mentioned. I also benefit from studying the reviews, but learn that alot of people ought to stay on composition to try and add worth in direction of the original blog distribute. I would also motivate every single human being to save this page for any favorite support to help allocated the expression.”

What does that even mean?  Allocated the expression, that’s just classy.