Six Feet Under, fin.

This show might be heavily steeped in sexuality and drug use but it was a fantastic show.  The emotional roller coaster was so strong and the characters portrayed so well that it is easy to see why it garnered so much praise.

But one thing I have to say about it, after watching so much TV lately, is that this a show that ended gracefully when it got to where it need to be and *paid off* in the finale in a huge way.  Its five seasons and probably about sixty five hours of your life (which is sadly about 13 days of TV watching for the typical American) but I can think of very few other ways to invest your time in front of the TV that might be more thought provoking or moving.

If you have a list of TV shows to watch, this should be on it.  You can get into it now knowing that it won’t leave you hanging on some random ending due to its being canceled.   More TV shows should go out like this.

Finally, everyone should have a pre-need on file at a funeral home somewhere.  Seeing how much strife it can cause the deceased family to have make all those decisions when emotions are running so high, it is only fair to those you love.


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