Finally, it is just

Something that has bothered me about this blogging setup since its inception was the need type “wordpress” at the end of my URL, Everyone else seems to have figured out how to get their blog into their root directory. I had setup my wordpress install into a “virtual” apache instance, so this wasn’t how it came up as default.

After trying to mess with an .htaccess file, redirects in Apache, etc. I scrolled down, in webmin, to the apache server management page, and guess what I saw:

As you can see there, there is a “root” directory. Previously it was pointed just to /var/www/, now it points to /var/www/wordpress/ and magically this made it so my blog was the root of the web server. Now, this broke a bunch of things and made it so I had to clear the cache of all my web browsers so I could login, but this should be its long term parking spot. I had also mistakenly told the virtual server that it was representing – this has now been fixed as well.

One win for the team, at least 😉


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