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Adblock Plus, you rock…

There are some pretty annoying advertisements out there.  Facebook is annoying enough since the whole right pane of the page is ads.  Other sites like Dailytech are worse with their “Vibrant” advertising, where the popups come when you mistakenly move your cursor over highlighted text.  There is a simple remedy to get rid of this crud when using Firefox, and its name is Adblock Plus.

  1. Install the latest version of Firefox from www.mozilla.org
  2. Open Tools –> Add-ons
  3. Click “Get Add-ons”
  4. Type “adblock plus” into the search box
  5. Click “Add to Firefox”
  6. Click through the installation
  7. You’ll have to restart Firefox
  8. *Important* – now you actually have to enable Adblock Plus
  9. Open Tools –> Add-ons
  10. Under extensions, you’ll see Adblock Plus, click “options”
  11. Open Filters –> Add filter subscription
  12. I’ve been using the first one, Easylist USA, make sure you hit “apply”
  13. Under options, make sure Adblock Plus is enabled
  14. Viola, all done!
It just works...

All the usual garbage on the right is gone.

Do you have any awesome browser extensions you’d like to share?  Leave feed back below 🙂