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Poster Needed

So awesome.

So awesome.

Shirt.woot.com has some  fantastic artwork.  The problem is, who can wear these t-shirts all the time?  They fit me like crap, too, with there “athletic” sizing.   How many people buying t-shirts online really conform to an “athletic” sizing model?  🙂  To that end, we need posters of these awesome cultural statements.  Join me in bombarding them with emails so we can display this sort of things pinned to our cube walls or framed in our family rooms.  You know you want to.

I already sent my email.  Send yours to: Woot Member Services <service@woot.com> Some person actually wrote me a response saying they were too little as business to handle that but it was something they might consider. If they get enough emails, maybe they will consider it right now…