Kick-Ass (The Movie)

If you were thinking about going to see The Losers, please do what I should have done and ago see Kick-Ass instead.  This is another comic book adaptation but it is done much better and the story is much more original.  It is about super heroes that don’t really have powers, ala The Watchmen but still take the world into their own hands.   This could have been the beginning of the world of the Watchmen.

Yes, she can.

Yes, she can.

I am going to keep this short, because I think you should just go watch the movie.  It has the most dangerous 11 year-old girl that you will see on the big screen.  It is a little gory, and the pacing is a little slow to start with but it takes off and the cinematography and action scenes are pretty killer.  Nicholas Cage has a great showing, as do many other actors in this movie that you probably haven’t seen before.

Grade: A

It’s worth seeing in the theater.


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