Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

If I post this here, I will be motivated

Anandtech is looking for writers – I’ve been an incredibly faithful reader of this site since I went to college back in the fall of 2002 and it would be a dream come true in a literal sense if even once I was able to get an article on there.  Even more awesome than making the front page of Slickdeals.net wight my first deal posting.

What I plan on writing in order to submit for this position are:

  • A review on the powerline network adapters I bought from woot.com right before the new year.
  • A “how to” on how to P2V a XP machine with all free software.   This is a useful approach for a number of reasons.
  • An opinion piece on something.   Probably the current state of XBMC and how it can be useful and where it seems to come up short.
  • Some new “news blog” posts and a mix in of some of the posts I have already published.

There it is, out in the open.  I have pretty much psyched myself out of even trying to do this – but I owe it to myself to give it a shot.

Wish me luck.


Shows I am currently watching…

30 Rock, Season 1:

I am about eight episodes in and this show is just fantastic!  Some of the humor might be lost on me, but I think this show pulls humor from many levels so I am still laughing at every episodes… I’ve had to pause the Zune at points because of this.  I recommend this quit hitting show to anyone who likes to be actively entertained in a show where the brain has to be exercised just a bit in order to keep up.  Tina Fey + Alec Baldwin == priceless.

Drink Snapple!

Dexter, Season 1:

One episode in and I am hooked.  If the pace and complexity remain at the same high level through out this is going to be great ride.  To some extent if feels like a “The Pretender” but with a static location, complete with flashbacks to a childhood that built the protagonist into who he is today.  Jared and Dexter have a slightly different mission in life, however.  Who would ever have thought that you’d be pulling for a serial killer in a TV show?

What are you watching?  Anything I should DVR or find online?