Batteries… do you want in?

Now that we are using the Wii more again, it has highlighted the chronic battery shortage in our house, specifically of AA batteries for Wiimotes, keyboards, mice, guitars etc.  A year or so ago, I purchased 24 low discharge rechargeable  generics and they have worked pretty well.  In case you don’t pay attention to battery technology, a new rechargeable is on the scene.  These new batteries retain their power like alkalines and don’t have a memory effect.

The cream of the crop are Sanyo Enelopes but they are pricey ($24 for 8, $3 each.)  I have found a good deal on equivalent and well reviewed batteries but the shipping is killer for just a couple packs, but doesn’t increase much when you add more as 5+ packages adds like $.50.  To that end, I would like to  propose a group purchase.  Let me know by Monday if you would like to purchase some AA batteries and I’ll aggregate a big order so we all get a good deal.

Let me know 🙂


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