For Sale

I’ve got a habit of stockpiling computer parts.

This can be a great thing thing for you.

From time to time, I am going to post things for sale here.

Most of these setups I’ve either got an emotional attachment to or their value doesn’t translate well when you add in shipping (ie, whole PC’s).

Above all else, I just want these items to go to good homes where they will be used.

If you have a good use for these setups and are willing to give me a story about how they will be used, I’ll probably part with them for very cheap or free.

The story doesn’t have to be a pity story.  I like the idea that a PC I built or a component that I passed on is really getting used somewhere, that’s the important thing.  Whether you use it as a second office PC or set it up for your Grandparents, its all good.  I just want to know the story 🙂

So, check out what’s here and make me an offer and tell me a story and we’ll see where it goes.  I promise not to be offended by any offers…

Current Items:

Nothing at the moment, but I’d love to build a custom PC for you!

Sold Items:

HP Celeron Minitower – Linux Installed

Geezer PC

Trusty P4


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