Trusty P4 (sold!)

Heralding from ~2004, this was an incredibly nice PC when it was new.  As it stands now, it can run Windows 7 pretty well.  The ATI 9600 Pro video card is able to do the nice Aero effects that make everything nice and transparent or play any of the games at the upcoming NATLAN at low settings.  It has enough RAM to run any modern operating system pretty well, whether that is XP, Vista, W7 or Linux.  The DVD-RW drive is also ready for installing one of these newer operating systems, for watching movies or burning discs.  Gigbabit ethernet means that it would also make a decent foundation for  a Windows Home Server.  The finishing touch is the gray & black Antec case and highly effecient Earthwatts 380W power supply and quiet fans all around.   XP is installed – it is very legitimate with a shiny sticker and everything…  Even if you aren’t looking to run XP in the long term, with the media and key you can save some dough and buy the upgrade to 7 rather than the full thing.

One thing to note – the front lights don’t work.  This means the power light and the hard drive activity light are non-functioning.  It is a bit of bummer, but I’ve tried to resolve it and short of a new motherboard it won’t be resolved.


Northwood Pentium 4 2.8C

Shuttle Intel 865PE board w/onboard gigabit ethernet, sound, 8x AGP, 2x IDE ports (one free) & 4x SATA ports (three free)

1.5GB DDR400 RAM

100GB SATA Hard Drive

DVD-RW (CD & DVD Burner)

Antec Case w/380W powersupply

ATI 9600 Pro 128MB video card w/silent Zalman fan

Intel onboard gigabit ethernet

XP Home SP3 installed and ready to rock

Hercules 7.1 Sound Card w/digital out (not Vista/W7 compatible)


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