“Geezer” PC (sold!)

Sold on Craiglist for $40 in about three hours. w00t!

Good news – this PC now knows its 2010.  For a while there, every time it was unplugged, it reverted back to thinking that it was 2003 and that its CPU was 600mhz.  With the addition of brand spankin’ new motherboard battery, it is firmly in this decade and positive about its internal configuration. None of that beige PC crap either, this guy is dressed to impress in a new black case and a matching black CD-Burner that will work great for burn’ all those new fangled MP3 mixes to a CD.

It has got the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu Linux installed, ready to rock out Youtube, Facebook and all sorts of web browsing greatness.  Open office lets you open and edit Office documents.  Fire up the XMBC app and you could actually use this guy on your TV to view all that great content available on the web.  It is even pretty quiet…


AMD Athlon XP ~ 2Ghz

nForce 2 Ultra Motherboard


nVidia 5900 SE 128MB Video Card (Windows 7 Ready if you swing that way…)

Onboard sound, ethernet, etc.

CD Burner

40GB Hard Drive

Antec NeoPower 480 Watt Power Supply

Ubuntu 9.10, fully updated and all that

Brand New Rosewill ATX Case

I can add in a KB&Mouse and even a huge 20″ CRT (mentioned in this post)  for a pittance if that would be of interest.  The Sony Professional CRT would really round out the 2003 goodness!  🙂

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